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"The First Brigade" 

1st Brigade, Army of Shenandoah. June-July 1861

1st Brigade, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac, July-October 1861.

"The Stonewall Brigade"

Stonewall Brigade, 2nd Corps, Potomac Dist, Dept. of Northern VA, Oct-Nov 1861

Stonewall Brigade, Valley Dist, Dept. of Northern VA, Nov 1861-May 1862

Stonewall Brig, Jackson's Div, Valley Dist, Dept. of Northern VA, May-June 1862

Stonewall Brigade, Jackson's-Johnson's Div, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern VA, June 1862-May 1864

"Terry's Consolidated Brigade"

Terry's Consolidated Brig, Gordon's Div, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern VA, May-June 1864

Terry's Consolidated Brig, Gordon's Div, Valley Dist, Dept of Northern VA, June-Dec 1864

Terry's Consolidated Brig, Gordon's Div, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern VA, Dec 1864-April 1865

Joseph G. Mc Wiliams
Joseph G. Mc Wiliams was born c 1828 in born in Sharpsburg, Maryland. His father Robert Mcwilliams was born in Ireland, a small slave owner married into the Ground family. His mother died when he was a child and his father remarried. His father died shortly after and he and his sister, Mary Jane Mcwilliams, went to live with their grandmother in Sharpsburg. He was a clerk and he enlisted as a Private into Co H, 2nd Virginia Infantry. He was promoted to Sergeant in January or February 1863. He surrendered at Appomattox. Some information provided by Art Houser, Grt, Grt, Grt Grand Son of Mary Jane McWilliams.    
Courtesy of Dr. Richard Sommers; United States Army Heritage Centre, Carlisle Pa.

Some members of Co H, 2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment from Australia

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